hairstyle by alison macdonald

2009 curly long hairstyle from Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks arrives at her apartment with her beautiful wavy long hairstyle in Soho, New York City. I think if you have a long hair,curly hairstyle is a good option, but i am wearing a straight long hairstyle. So, maybe someday I will change it into curly hairstyle.

Women who like to wear their long hair can take advantage of the long curly look that will be the trend in 2009.


Tyra Banks turns on a very sexy look with stunning 2009 curly long hairstyle.

2009 curly hairstyle from Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet is seen here attending the World Premiere with her beautiful curly hairstyle. Most women who have long hairstyles always make thier hair into curly hairstyle.  I like curly hairstyle very much and most of my friends make thier hair with curls. I think it looks great on them.

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