hairstyle by warren paul

2009 long hairstyle from Jennifer Lopez


Smooth roots and long, shaggy fringes flow into soft volume for Jennifer Lopez’s long hairstyle.
If you want to achieve this hairstyle, you can apply a handful of volumizing mousse onto damp hair. Blow dry two-inch sections of hair with a round brush while turning the brush several times to add subtle roundness to the length. Dry your fringes straight down using a vent brush.


look at another long hairstyle from Jennifer Lopez : Sexy, sleek and very glamorous straight hairstyle. Easy to achieve simply wash hair and towel dry. With a blow dryer and a bristle boar brush begin drying in sections pulling and lightly turning at the ends.

Use shine serum or spray to give a sleek sexy shine to your long glamorous hairstyle!

2009 long hairstyle from Jennifer Lopez


Celebrities’ hairstyle - Jennifer Lopez’s long hairstyle


Stylish hairstyle from Marisa Tomei


Actress Marisa Tomei is wearing her stylish hairstyle when she attends “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion” Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2009 in New York City.


When we attend special occasions, we usually need a formal hairstyle. From weddings hairstyles, to business parties, to the prom, you will probably need formal or semi formal hairstyles sometime in your life.


There are some formal hairstyles that you can pull off at home but for really big occasions it is best to go to a professional for the best look.


There are many different types of formal hairstyles that are designed for specific hair types. With the right choice, your hair can be looking eloquent and beautiful for your formal engagement.


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