Yvette Prieto Michael Jordan Bought Villa in Miami

Yvette-Prieto-Michael-Jordan-pic Michael Jordan,girlfriend Yvette Prieto Pic via Nachofoto.com
Yvette Prieto and boyfriend Michael Jordan bought a house last October in Miami, Palm Beach Post is reporting! Yvette Prieto, a 30-year-old Cuban model, is the girlfriend of the basketball Great Michael Jordan, 46, since 2008. Prieto and Jordan paid $281,000 for for the two-story villa with three bedrooms in Kendall, suburban Miami. The couple took out a 30-year, $196,000 mortgage on the 5,500 square foot house. Link: PDF file of Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan's house property-appraisal records; Link: Google Earth Map where Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan house is located.

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