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2010 hairstyle tips for women

If you’re like most people with naturally curly hair, you’ve probably hated it all your life, but now’s your time to shine.


A long, curly hairstyle is exactly what you want to look sexy and regal on prom night. Start by washing your hair and applying a conditioner that’s made to enhance your natural curliness. If you have time, allow your hair to air dry while scrunching it a little to encourage it to curl.


After your hair has completely dried, use a curling iron to curl small strands. This will give them a more styled look. Then take your fingers and break the ringlets into loose curls which will create the tousled effect. Tie all of your hair back with a ribbon that matches your dress.


You can leave a few strands loose for a different type of look. If you don’t feel your hairstyle is full enough, add a curly hairpiece underneath the tied curls.

2010 Hot Prom hairstyle for Women

Prom is all about preparation. Have you found the perfect gown for the prom night but completely forgotten about a hairstyle to match.


A beautiful “Prom hairstyle” is the only thing a woman’s mind want when she thinks of prom night. The most exiting part of a teenage girl’s prom is undoubtedly her choice of the prom hairstyle. Prom hairstyles, like other fashion statements, keep on changing every year.


The prom night is very important to all teenagers who are dressed in their very best to create an attractive persona about themselves. Looking to the runway’s hottest trends is a fabulous indicator of the must have hair for prom 2010.


Be creative with your prom hairstyle. Add some high quality glitter for some real glam shine factor. Dress your hair up with some elegant and sophisticated accessories. You can choose hair extensions if you really want to have a different look on your prom night.

2010 hot curly hairstyle tips


If you want to make this hot short curly hairstyle: First off if you don’t already have the short hair, its obviously a must so print this page out and bring it to your favorite quality salon!

Second if you happen to have short/shoulder length hair but are not sure about the curls and dont want to commit to a perm there are ways you can try out the hairstyle without a perm to see if the style is for you!

Use a One-Inch round curling iron to create curls all around, small hot rollers or even spiral perm rods or small curl perm rods let it set, and see how it looks!

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