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Best Crszy Choppy Hair Trends New Year 2010

Pink, yellow, blue, the American flag and stripes like a zebra. Sounds crazy, but that is a punk hair gallery at its finest. The colors of the rainbow and any color you like can be the inspiration for a rockin’ hairstyle and change in a lifestyle. Punk music and punk hair go hand in hand. The music reflects the lifestyle and hair can be versatile and open to change at any time and point in your life.

The punk hair gallery can showcase the changes in your life. A bottle of bleach is all you need to create yourself a new do. Your new neon white hair can now take on dramatic new colors. The hues will glow from inside and outside. You can have have as yellow as the sun or as green as the grass. The world becomes the backdrop for your hair and the scenery can inspire you for life. With the seasons new ideas form for your hair.

With wintertime white is the key. With summer bright pinks, purples and blues look great on hair. Autumn time is good for reds, deep browns and even yellows. Punk art galleries not only include wild hair colors. The hair cut is a major priority for the deep rooted punk hairstyle and lifestyle.

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Eva Longoria Hairstyles

Before the longoria hair cut became popular in the 1920′s, women were confined to having long hairstyles that were swept up with combs or often worn with hairnets to keep their curls. The 1920′s changed all this when the constraints of the Victorian styles were abandoneWith the war, women were finally able to wear their hair short, thanks to the actions of Irene Castle, silent-screen actress, who started this popular haircut in 1917 to help with the war efforts. It was the promoted style to change the outlook of women that in the time of war,

they did not have the time to spend on their hair and the style would help keep their hair from being tangled in factory machines. This style became the most demanded style in this time.By the 1940′s, however, long hair was back, with emphasize on the soft, wavy looks of the shoulder length style.

It wasn’t until the 1960′s that the bob style became popular again. Women were back in the work force and they needed more manageable styles. Long hair did not fit the style of the working womanIt wasn’t long before the most influential hairstylist to date, Vidal Sassoon, helped to make the bob style more popular than ever by changing the cut of the bob style haircut.

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long curly haircuts 2010

It’s official, curly haircuts 2010 is back and it’s here to stay – well, at least for a while. Curly hairstyles have always been admired for their perfect combination of glam yet sweet looking appearance. Curly hairstyles for 2010 are back in vogue; so if your hair is naturally curly, rejoice! – Because this is your moment.Now for those who aren’t quite as blessed with natural curls, don’t fret.

As far as technology is concerned it hasn’t stood still and with all the hairstyling aid you can get, you can now have incredible curls that can look as natural as you want them to be.Curly hair is gorgeous, always creating an aura of lovely, innocent yet sensual look. The dictate of current fashion styles is all about enhancing femininity and hot curly hairstyles for 2010 are following the same pattern.

Beautiful vibrant curls with short, medium of long hair lengths that define and add the right bounce and movement to the curls are the latest trend in curly hairstyles. Check the many different fabulous hairstyle possibilities you can try and look stunningly stylish and trendy with those curly locks anywhere, anytime.

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Best Blonde Short Haircuts Sarah Hardings Hair Trends 2010

Choppy haircuts embraces a timeless fashion trend since the time it was introduced in 1909 by a famous hair dresser Antonine in Paris. Though the cut was not popular for few years but in 1920s the popularity was escalated to great heights to symbolize the freedom enjoyed by women. Since then this gorgeous hairstyle is considered as a sign of women’s liberty.

The traditional choppyhairstyle is a short and sleek hair cut that gracefully covers the ears and reaches somewhere between the chin and the shoulders. With the changing trend the basic cut remained the same but various changes started adorning this beautiful haircut. Nowadays, known hair dressers and fashion stars are innovating new trends and styles to further beautify the bob haircut.

The key advantage of this trendy haircut is that it can go well with any hair type, hair color, or hair shape and the best part is that it can suit women of all ages. Apart from this, the gaining popularity is attributed to the growing status of women in the business world. This is mainly because it is simple to shape and manage this hairstyle without spending extra time on combing and hair dressing.

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Chinese Hairstyles

  • Here we will discuss about some common and at the same time happening Chinese Hairstyles . The chinese  styles, which we will be discussed, are mainly variation of bob and long bob cut. chinese haircut now becoming very popular and with addition of some special chinese student’s blunt cut of previous years evolved dramatically.

  • Chinese Hairstyles Just remember the haircut of Cleopatra. It is the ancient form of blunt bangs chinese. This kind of hairstyle is so much stylish and especially for those who can carry them off brilliantly. It is done in a way, which is just below the eyebrow and fringes are done covering the forehead maintaining the same length. Locks are cut precisely straight across from side to side.

  • The length is up to the neck portion. Chinese hairstyle is like this kind of haircut. Plain, silky hair with medium density can have this cut.Side  This is a haircut, which is gradually textured and generally extended shorter part to longer part. Hair of one side is brushed to sweep across the forehead. So this cut is called side swept.

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