Tigers Chase Zoo Keepers into Pool

These tigers look like they're about to make a meal out of a group of swimmers as they leap into the water. The big cats launch themselves from the poolside and, with enormous paws outstretched, look like they could do some serious damage. But, despite appearances, these pictures actually show zoo keepers playing with the tigers in the water.

Used to human contact, the animals play a harmless game of chase with their keepers around the pool edge before diving into the water. Called 'Tiger Splash', the event at Out of Africa Wildlife Park, in Camp Verde, Arizona, U.S. is a big hit with visitors. For 30 minutes every day a pair of the zoo's six Bengal and Siberian tigers take to the 50ft pool for fun and games. It may look like a terrifying game of cat and mouse but, according to wildlife photographer Kathleen Reeder, no one gets hurt.

Source: dailymail

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