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Sarah Jessica Parker Born Today

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Sarah Jessica Parker who is bet known for her character in hit television series Sex and the City was born on 25th of March and Sarah Jessica Parker can be considered one of the prominent actresses in her times. Winning a number of awards including four Golden Globes and two Emmys for her character portrayal of modern New York woman Carrie Bradshaw this actress had manged to become one of the most sought after actresses. Nature of her character as an highly stylish woman in the series has made her to be considered as a fashion icon in real life as well. So with an impressive career behind her and a promising time ahead of her her fans will surely be interested to know more about her.

Sarah Jessica Parker had started her acting career in mid 1970s and after doing a number of small and extra roles in both wide screen and small screen she had a more substantial role to play in musical flick Footloose. Though she had managed to attract attention of both audiences and creators through her projects she had done in following years it was been cast in television series Sex and the City that had provide her with a breakthrough role. With the success of the series he had managed to become a a famed star and this had boosted her career in wide screen as well. So she had the chance if taking part in a number of hit motion pictures through which she had added a number of creditable roles to her resume.

Sarah Jessica Parker other than being a prominent figure in fashion industry has also taken part in political and humanitarian works. Using her fame and stardom she has become one of the influential figures in industry and with a number of projects with her on board her fans will be enabled to see more of her. These days she is busy with shootings of New Year’s Eve and I Don’t Know How She Does It and it has been rumored that she might be starring in two upcoming motion pictures which are The Ivy Chronicles and A Family Affair.

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