hairstyle by pamela roberts

2009 short hairstyle with short layers


This hairstyle has been cut short in layers to give this funky effect. Her hair has been spiked up; the sides have been razor cut and thinned out to create these fine textured edges. Also this is a messy haircut with hair in every direction.

2009 bold short haircut


This haircut is easy to achieve. With a long fringe this short hairstyle gives depth to her eyes. And this is also a fun bold hairstyle that is perfect for those with fine hair. Her hair is short and layered, a classy hairstyle with a picture of elegance.

2009 fashionable short haircut for the most beautiful women


This stylish rockabilly haircut is very gorgeous and with her absolutely straight hair this is most stunning. Her beautiful hair is cut evenly at the back of her head, arounding  her ear then points down towards her cheek closer to the front. This is a fashionable hairstyle and it is a hit with the young crowd.

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