hairstyle by nelson lyons

Hairstyle Trend 2009: Short Choppy Hairstyle

This short chop is not very choppy in terms of sections and  layers. The back of the hair has great separation and texture which shows a choppy look.

This hairstyle is lightly choppy compared to the other photos here but a good chioce to start off with. The front is parted off center.

2009 Hairstyle Trend: Blonde Hairstyle From Becky Newton

Becky Newton has a gorgeous face framing half up half down hairstyle with her blonde tresses. This hairstyle can have romantic, sexy yet stylish and elegant without having your hair up in a tight updo.

2009 Hairstyle Trend: The Angle Bob

For straight hair, angle bob is a  good option.  Fine thin hair appears thicker because of the blunt cut and thick hair falls into place.

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