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2010 Shag Hairstyles Tips


Short Shag Hairstyles
While the back of the hair has a little less layers, short shag hairstyles frame the face and are full of lots of layers on the top and the front of the head, , but is still does not compromise the volume of the hairstyle.


Medium Shag Hairstyle

Medium Shag hairstyles can consist of few to many layers. Numerous amounts of layers will fluff the hair and add additional volume; while fewer layers give a more defined and sleek look.


Long Shag Hairstyles for Women
Long shag hairstyles are your personal preference, however when choosing a long shag it is best to use very few layers due to the long length.

2010 prom hairstyle tips


When it comes to updo hairstyles, there are several ways of styling the hair including the two popular ones here. The first hairstyle is a looser look with more volume while the second is a swept, sleek one.


The first hairstyle is better for many facial shapes as it adds more distraction of facial features. The second offers a different appeal and brings out more from facial features like the eyes,  lips and nose.


Both are good selections and it is pretty much up to personal choice. Hope this helps prom goers in deciding on some hairstyle choices.

Women’s Hair Tips


One may have the best designer wear and the best face but there is much to be learnt to maintain an attitude. Style updation is also necessary and that is much important when it comes to a hairstyle.

Hair health is also related to genetics. The texture and length of the hair is also related. If one feels that long hairstyle is difficult to maintain and goes for a short hair cut, it must be remembered that bob hair cuts need a lot of care too.


Most importantly there is little that can be done but wait till the hair grows. Whenever one goes in for a makeover the easiest drama that can be created is to cut the hair and alter its length. This may not be suitable to all, because your hair is also about face shape and age.


But one needs to have an experienced stylist who can study the many parameters like face shape, lifestyle and hair type of the person and then suggest a suitable bob hair cuts.

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