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HOT trendy 2010 short hairstyles


Short hairstyles are in the season, and are bound to create ripples as trendy 2010 hairstyles. It is predicted that unlike the classic long hair look, the short hairstyle will last into the winter season and maybe even the spring of 2010.


You can create a magical look with the right kind of short hairstyle. The short hairstyle is in because it is quite easy to maintain and takes just a few minutes to style. The short blonde short hair is yet another addition to the list of 2010 hairstyles.


2010 Spring Medium hairstyles


Medium hairstyles are going to have women with long locks and short cuts go crazy for mid-length hair. You can easily experiment with various hairstyles with medium length hair. If your hair length is anywhere from chin to your shoulder, then try out a new 2009 medium hairstyle.


There are lots of creative ideas that you can apply on your mid-length hair if you follow our new 2009 hairstyle. Here are some tips that you can apply to make your hair look different in 2009.


Latest hairstyle trends for straight hair - If you have straight hair then a textured cut with layers, will give you a softer look. Sport a cool hairstyle for 2009 by trimming or lightly chipping the hair ends and making your hairstyle more creative.

2009 fall hairstyle tips


2009 hairstyles offer various styling options to those who are blessed with natural curls. Depending upon the volume of your curls, you can either opt for a smashing, classic or eloquent look.


You can cut long layers through the back and sides of your hair, and  choose striking locks with uneven cuts at the ends. Enhance the soft loose waves with curling irons and apply shining wax to highlight them. You will also need to apply a lot of mousse and hairspray to hold this hot 2009 hairstyle.

If you are lucky enough to have natural curls, you can also get yourself a 2009 hot hairstyle like Tasha Smith. Start your layers from the crown area to get more volume, as well as an even balance.


This kind of  hairstyle goes well with longer face shapes and medium to thick hair texture, and density.

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