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2008-2009 Hair Colors Trends


Color of your hair can have an perfect effect on your hairstyle.So hair color plays a very important role in the fashion industry.

Hair color: Rich colors

Rich colors will be very fashionable this year.  The main focus will still be on nuanced soft fusion of hair tones in Spring and Summer time of 2008 and 2009.

You should keep your hair light and natural.Your summer hair is the color which brings you shiny trendy hair that is healthy and alive with vibrant undertones .

2008-2009 Men’s Hairstyles


Men’s hairstyles 2008-2009 focuses on sexy bangs, close crops and a rock.

Short hairstyle

Short hair looks sophisticated and fashionable.

A nice clean cut can make a man look classy and mature.

2008-2009 Short bob hairstyle

Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Katie Holmes, and Victoria Beckam have all donned some fashionable short hairstyles and are part of the short hair trend.

Now on to the short bobs which can be styled and cut in many ways to match face shapes. The following three short bobs are just a few in a wide selection of hot new short hairstyles.



2008-2009 Short bob hairstyle

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