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2009 prom hairstyles for long hair

2009 prom hairstyles for long hair


The prom hairstyles for long hairstyle of not so long ago was a completely different story than today. 


After that came the main prom hairstyle technique of the day! These hair stylists knew how to rat, that is, backcombing or teasing, taken to a violent extreme which made your hair like a rat’s nest and stay put for months.


We all had prom hairstyles, we all looked the same and basically we all hated prom hairstyles. If you’re talented with hair styling techniques you may be able to recreate some of these casual prom hairstyles at home. Practice and if not you’re happy, make that appointment with a professional hair stylist.

Hot hairstyle trends – for hot women!

Hot hairstyle trends


Speak with the stylist about what is current. As well as the styles that are able to create through the current hair style after learning about the current hairstyles think about which hairstyles will work with the type of your hair.


You may want long luscious waves, but if you have short hairstyle there are certain features which must be established, like the use of extensions before the style can be successfully created.


When your hairstyle has been completed, the individual may want to think about hair color.

2009 hot hair color trend – for women!

2009 hot hair color trend


Hair color can change your overall appearance so you need to be careful in choosing the right hair color for you.

If you are planning to change the your hair color this winter, then you need to know what hair colors are considered trendy this season, and which of those would look great on you.


The first thing to consider is whether you just prefer to add some highlights to your present hair color; or if you wish to sport a really different hair color for a general change.

For more natural glow, blonde hair can be added with low lights to create dimension and balance. This shade gives off a vibrant look and reflects light beautifully.

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