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Short hairstyles benefit

Short hairstyles


Short hairstyles are now the trend because there are a lot of benefits to have it:


Not only is it a cheap hairstyle to have, it’s the ultimate in low maintenance. Short hairstyle also looks sexy and trendy.  You can simply wash and go. It is really good for busy women that saving time is a huge advantage.


Sexy & Stylish
It seems that short hairstyles are only for the women with ultimate round face. In fact, today you don’t need to have a round face to have a short crop hairstyle. Any women can have one. Do you know that there are short haircuts to suit all women? Your hair stylist will show you the best cut to suit and soften your features.

2010 Bangs for women


Bangs have been a great way of changing and creating different hairstyles. Rather or not to add bangs to a hairstyle can make a huge difference as some kinds of hairstyles look great without bangs or fringes and other hairstyles look lost without the addition of some bangs.


Bangs are a popular feature of many different  kinds of hairstyles. They can help change the shape of a face, draw attention to the eyes, and soften most looks for men, women, and  teens.


Many people choose to wear bangs to help adjust the overall look of their face, while other people use bangs to trim the hair along the sides of their face and keep it under greater control, particularly for young children.

Short hair from Halle Berry

Short hair from Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has done this look before and it is hard to find someone who looks this good with the short tousled crop. She has a heart shaped face shape that sometimes does not work with short hairstyle but her feminine facial features really make this kind of short hairstyle into a perfect option just like how she wore it in the past.


For women who can wear short hairstyle like this, definitely give it a try as it looks stunning and is easier to manage except for the frequent salon visits to maintain length.

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