hairstyle by jeff dodson

2010 trendy men hairstyle


Today, the men begin to choose a longer hairstyle in order to achieve tussled look. There are a number of different ways in which men can wear their hair in different lengths. Thus, it is not just women who benefit from a face slimming feature bangs, the men of today begin to see the potential of this trendy hairstyle bangs.


Popular star Owen Wilson is one of the last male actors wearing the longer length hair with a few side swept hair bangs in the face. Men bang this hairstyle look at the causal link between the natural and that almost all men can pull off. Although some men are side-swept Bangs accents are short.


Of course, this is your stylist way to wear a side swept hair bangs. However, the longer and shaggy hair is easier to style, compared to short.

2010 elegant wavy hairstyle


Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from wavy hairstyle. Specifically, the wavy hair is directly between the hair and curly hair. Wave form of the wavy hairstyle is a form of the letter “S”.


In addition to the typical wavy hairstyle is that it flat against the scalp and hair does not bounce. Wavy hairstyle did not get off the form of the head, even if you cut in layers.


Some might think that it is easy to converse wavy hair. However, if you go to hairdressing salon, it will take a lot of time, money and energy to this result. Getting the trendy wavy hairstyle is not as difficult as what you think. You can also do it yourself. It exports about half a hour by hour to make wavy hair style, only depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Let’s try to get one.

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