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2010 Mens haircut


Not too many years ago the distinction between women and men hairstyles was based only on length. Today this isn’t the case anymore.


Of course there is nothing wrong with guys keeping it short and simply wanting “a little off the sides and back,” but today almost anything is acceptable, even hair color changes ranging from the subtle to the extreme. Whether you’re in desperate need of a major overhaul or simply looking for a seasonal change, AM sat down with Fernando and did a little bit of the homework for you.


For mens sporting longer locks who don’t feel like a radical change, consider the side part’s longer version. Young men like Jared Leto exemplify the key characteristics of this haircut: The parted side will hang over the opposite side extending to the ears, while the overall length usually hits at the collar. The haircut also requires that the right amount of weight be removed from your hair.

Female Hair Loss Treatment – Hair Tips


Female hair loss treatments often differ to men’s, for a number of reasons. Although an Italian study seemed to show some promise with it, the main prescription hair loss treatment for men, is generally not as effective in women.


Most of them are not using any female hair loss treatment and only few are aware of the existing hair loss treatments. In almost all the cases Female hair loss could be avoided, stopped and new hair growth could be stimulated.

Female pattern hair loss is similar to what is known as the “male pattern hair loss” for men. It is caused by an increasing amount of a chemical called DHT which usually occurs in the menopause age. As opposed to men, women usually suffer from thinning hair around the forehead and crown of their scalp, and not a complete baldness.


Women hair loss treatment can be complicated by any underlying health issues, so, once you have ruled out a serious health condition what are some of the options for treating female hair loss? Low dose minoxidil – often sold under the brand name Rogaine or Regaine, is often successful.

Finasteride based treatments are suitable only for male hair loss and should be avoided by women due to known side effects which can include birth defects.

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