hairstyle by jeanette parsons

2009 hairstyle trend: Short hair cut

Short hairstyle can look nice on almost everybody.Usually, short hairstyle is defined as the hair which should fall above the shoulder line.

If you want to get just perfect short hairstyle that suits your face best you should make your hair show the positives of your face shape. It is very important to make your face appear longer than it is in reality, if your face is rounder and you still want to have a short hairstyle.

2009 hairstyle: Short business cut

Short hairstyles are certainly no stranger to 2009 latest hair trends and work very well for the business world. 

The reason makes this cut so fashionable is that it requires very little effort to keep it in place or redo it on a windy day. Slightly longer on top and almost zero by the time we reach the ears and back. So short hairstyle  will be the hottest hairstyle in the year of 2009.

2009 Hairstyle Trend: Bob Hairstyles

The “bob hair style” is a style just about every face shape and every hair type can wear, and it is a timeless hairstyle.

If you peak back to the famous or to favorite Hollywood celebrities of old, you will see that they all love bob hairstyle. So it will be the hottest hairstyle in the year of 2009.

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