hairstyle by denise miles

Alice Evans’ bob hairstyle

Alice Evans’ blonde bob hairstyle


Alice Evans is wearing the Dutch girl hairstyle that is cut bluntly about two inches down from her ears.


The top of her bob hairstyle has a lithesome irregular side part that is collected over to one side and fastened with a hair clasp; allowing the hair to interlace with the rest of the hair on that side.


Alice Evans short bob hairstyle

2009 Summer hairstyle for women


One of the things people usually consider during summer is having their haircut to adapt to the warm summer days.


The hairstyle which cuts your hair short at the back can creat an angle out your face. This is best for square and round-shaped faces and not flattering for oval faces with its longer strands on the front.


The hair is cut about an inch lower than your earlobes all around and made to flip out. You can wear this with or without fringes too.

Summer hairstyle suits all shapes of face!

2009 summer inverted bob hairstyles

Inverted bob hairstyles


Simple yet stylish and sexy, inverted bob hairstyles are one of the easiest types of bob hairstyles that can be styles easily as well as maintained easily.


In inverted bob hairstyles hair is tapered and stacked in the back in such a fashion that give more fullness and volume to the crown. It ought to look gorgeous on all the types of face shape and facial features, no matter who wears the bob hairstyle.


Inverted bob hairstyles is always be so hot for women.


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