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Shag hairstyle for hot

Hot shag hairstyle


No Matter your hair is long, medium or short, you can always choose shag haircut! Looks good on the most people, except those with very curly or frizzy hair.


Because the layers are adjusted to suit your face shape, it’s easy to pull off. Thanks to the uneven, broken-up layers, this kind of hairstyle still looks good when it’s grown out, but to keep the look, have it cut every six to eight weeks.


Those who want a sexy, hairstyle. Very fine hair might look too sparse with this kind of look.


You can keep the layers long. Because the hair which is wavy, too many choppy pieces will be prone to frizz. If your hair is naturally wavy the razor should be used sparingly as it could cause frizz.

2010 Hot curly hairstyle

Hot curly hairstyle

Music Julianne Hough

Curly hairstyle can be unmanageable, frizzy and worst of all, unpredictable when it comes to hairstyles. Every woman with curly locks can tell stories about her hair disasters. However, you can be certain about choosing hairstyles that show off your curls and your features to the best advantage with a bit of know-how and careful planning.

Women’s curly hairstyle, can be a blessing, but if it is not cut well, you can get a wild look to avoid this, you should always remember:

Curly hairstyle should always be layered. If hair is long or very curly, you can ‘straighten it’ with a large round or paddle brush, some straightening balm and a blower. If curls are unruly, apply hair spray to palms and smooth over hair’s surface.


2010 hot medium hairstyle

2010 hot medium hairstyle


There are many ways to make a medium bob hairstyle either straight,  curly or wavy. Also, you can change your hairstyle in many ways, trying adding a fringe. Medium hairstyle can change the way you look, giving your face a different dimension.


With a few styling tricks you can transform your medium hairstyle into a variety of nighttime hairstyles by wearing it up or down.


Medium bob hairstyle: with added bangs. Textured or chipped on the ends to make the style more creative. Apply mousse or molding cream to towel-dried hair.


You can blow – dry hair up-side down using a diffuser or let it dry naturally. Apply Gel-spray to accentuate you curly hair. Medium hairstyle with long graduated layers: Playing with hair color adds loads of dimension to this style.

Once your hair is shampooed apply styling detangler, blow-dry to remove moisture using a diffuser attachment and for best results dry your hair naturally.

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