hairstyle by ross drake

2010 updo hairstyles for you

This is a very beautiful hairstyle with many elements to it.


The curly tresses in combination with the highlights, swept bangs, and hair tied towards the back create the whole look. This is as safe hairstyle for all facial shapes as the locks and bangs provide attention and framing.


No matter how you put it, updo hairstyles are usually the most sought after hairstyle when preparing for a wedding, prom, gala or any formal or social event, where the people dress up in their best attire and dazzle in their most precious jewels, and to complete a formal look a fabulous updo hairstyles would do the trick.


Long curly hairstyle trend in the year of 2009


Look at this long curly hairstyle: Apply a rich moisturizing styling creme volumizer and blow with large round brush or with hands.

You can plump up with your hands and spray to achieve this long curly hairstyle. Long layers that are short on the top flowing longer onto definition on the ends of this hairstyle. Its hair color is dark brunette with a lot of depth and shadows.

2010 medium hairstyles for hot women

Popular medium hairstyles that can be styled easily are the bob hairstyle, which uses the same length all around the hair to create an appealing hairstyle that can be easily managed.


The bob hairstyle also can have many variations including the trendy bob, which uses angles within the hair that are either longer in the front or in the back. When styling the bob haircut, the stylist will most often straighten the hair and therefore take full advantage of the straight lines which are used to create the popular medium hairstyle.


When choosing a classic but trendy hairstyle, choose the bob hairstyle for a medium hairstyle.

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