Gary Coleman Deathbed Photo On Globe Magazine Cover

Gary Coleman deathbed photo appears on the cover of Globe Magazine published on Wednesday.

Gary Coleman Deathbed Photo Globe Magazine 
Shannon Price posing with a dying Gary Coleman (Picture credit: Twitpic/Globe/CBS)

Gary Coleman died of brain hemorrhage resulting from an incidental fall two days earlier at his Utah home at the end of May. So far, his body is yet to lay in peace.

Apparently, Shannon Price, who Coleman married and then divorced in 2008, had raked in bucks from her (former) husband death. Shannon Price whose finance is not good sold Gary Coleman death picture to Globe Magazine for an undisclosed amount of money.

Shannon’s press rep said she needed that money because she had helped Gary’s will executor Dion Mial pay for a lawyer. [Globe Magazine Publishes Gary Coleman Deathbed Photo @ CBS)

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