Oscars To GDC (Game Developer Conference)

As this blog entry is written, the venue is the Moscone Center in San Francisco, site of the Game Developers Conference. And yes, having just retuned from the glitz, glamour, and gossip in Beverly Hills and surrounding the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, one would think this is a big change.

But it's not. It's all media. (And to be sure, more cocktails. There's the Lobby Bar on the main level of Moscone Center South, as shown above).

For example, on the screen next to the table I'm seated at are scenes from a sci-fi video game based on the television show and movie series Star Trek . And all around are games based on movie and television shows and various aspects of popular culture.

So really, if you think like I do, and you should, all of this is intertwined quite well.

The mainstream media doesn't get that. That's why you're not likely to see a massively multiplayer game based on the Libyan Revolution on a news website and an article or blog post about the Tripoli Takeover anytime soon.

(Oh, and I'm not done with the Oscars. More content soon.)

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