Alicia Silverstone photos by allen randall

Pregnant Alicia Silverstone at ‘The Kind Diet’ Book Signing

Pregnant actress, Alicia Silverstone proudly showed off her growing baby bump as she stepped out for promoting her new book, “The Kind Diet” at Barnes & Noble on March 15 in Los Angeles, California.

Alicia, who is pregnant with her first baby rocked a bohemian look and looked amazing at her book signing event of book which reveals about her Vegan lifestyle.

pregnant actress alicia silverstone

34-year-old author and former fashion model looked stylish and comfy donning a Rebecca Taylor beaded dress with ruffle detailing. Pregnant diva paired her elegant dress that revealed her new shape with fashionable Aldo platform pumps.

alicia silverstone pregnant

She accessorized her chic look with classic and modern House of Lavande jewelry. Alicia Silverstone went for flawless makeup and posed with the book onto red carpet.

alicia silverstone the kind diet book

Alicia Silverstone also showcased her new hairdo at the event that stole the show. She wore her shiny locks in soft and romantic long curls with center part that upgraded her look and gave her a whole new vibe. This exquisite hairstyle framed her face in the perfect way.

pregnant alicia silverstone

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